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"You get in life what you have

the courage to ask for."




If you've ever heard any well-meaning advice from friends, family or the media, you've likely been led to believe that your Alpha personality is the REASON why you haven't found a good man who wants to be in a serious relationship with you...

Am I right?


How many times have we seen the portrayal of that smart-as-a-whip woman - the one with the great career, nice house and awesome friends - pretty much incapable of finding and keeping a worthwhile man?


Too many times!?


Here's the truth, my friend:


Your Alpha personality is your Superpower. 🧚🏻‍♀️


(Isn't that radical, life-transforming and DAMN empowering?!)


Learning how to wield your Alpha superpower can feel next to impossible in a culture that shames strong, ambitious, independent women for these personality traits.


These are women who know what they want, who achieved a lot professionally, but change their behaviour around men because of the shaming, stereotyping and subconscious programming they've gone through for years (and generations).

Alpha-ness is often positioned as the opposite of femininity - when it is SO FAR from the truth!




      How Would You Like To...

  • Stop feeling secretly ashamed of yourself and start feeling good in your own skin?

  • Stop trying to play down or hide parts of your Alpha-ness and allow high-quality men to SEE you?

  • Start tapping into the true power you were born with to attract a good man who is READY for a long term relationship?

  • Use your true personality to attract a partner who will love you EXACTLY AS YOU ARE (no more games or holding back!)?

Well, hey there!
I'm Steffie!

If you're anything like the women I've worked with, you may be asking yourself...


"Why do I keep attracting the same kind of men over and over?"


"Do I really have what it takes to be with a guy for the long run?"


"Is it really possible to find a man who is handsome, smart, successful and who will also complement my strong personality?"


Everything you've been wishing for in a man - and your dream relationship - are possible.

Yes Girl, Really! 


I've been in your shoes and I'm now happier than ever (also recently engaged 💍!)


It took me a few years, blood, sweat and tears, but I succeeded and the good news is that you can get there much faster. 


I've streamlined everything for you and I can't wait to show you how simple it actually is!

Work with me ONE TO ONE 

     If you're:

✔️ Ready to stop the emotional rollercoaster of dating...


✔️ Tired of hiding your personality


✔️ Ready to step into the woman you truly want to be


✔️ Want to stop playing games and wasting precious time...


✔️ Want to find a man who truly loves and admires you for who YOU are entirely...


Then I can promise you that I've tailor-made this program for you.

I'll help you see your blind spots, get to the core of your relationship problems and implement my proven strategies to solve them! 


By the end of the course, you'll have ALL the knowledge, tools and support you need to reinstate your faith and recharge your batteries so you can create your own luck in love.


And the best part - not only will this program help you fully transform your love life - but it will have a ripple effect over your entire existence.

For a private coaching experience, working one to one with me is the best option for you. 

Here's what's included:

 🧩 Welcome Pack (Personality Test, Reading List, Guided Meditations, Daily Practices)


 🧩 8 One To One Coaching Sessions


 🧩 6 Learning Modules + Workbooks

 🧩 3 Hours Of VoiceNotes Support

 🧩 Email Support Between Sessions


 🧩 Future Program Privileges


 🧩 Lifetime Access To Course Materials! (Plus Any Future Updates)

Here's what my clients say after working with me . . . 


"I've been privileged to meet Steffie and be mentored by her gifted wisdom.


Her approach to getting authentic about levelling up and getting the love I wanted and deserved without compromising my own values, beliefs, dreams and desires has been so up lifting.


I am so blessed knowing her and I encourage anyone ready for what you want in a relationship, to let her help guide you.

You have everything to gain from working with her!


She truly is an inspiration and a reminder of the power we all hold within ourselves to manifest what we want."

Angela - Texas, USA

Client picture.png

"Steffie asks good questions that make me stop and think. Her advice always makes sense and the way she expresses herself motivates me to take her suggestions on board. She doesn't beat about the bush and will tell it as it is. 


I was always just happy that a guy seemed to like me, then go along with whatever he wanted. Steffie explained the importance of not losing who you are as an individual, which is a lot about having confidence in yourself, and standing up for what you want.


I have noticed a change in how I communicate with men. Firstly by being more assertive and secondly by not just giving in to their ideas but sticking by some of my own (which I'd never done before).


It's been refreshing, especially with regards to not worrying about how the guy will take it or feel if I say no. That's been my biggest lesson!"

Michelle, London UK

"Steffie has been able to bring out the best of me over the last few months! One of the key things for me has been learning to value myself more. It’s an easy thing to say but having someone able to mirror back to you the behaviours that prove you value yourself, and highlight the ones that don’t prove it, has felt like a fast-tracked awareness learning curve.


I’ve addressed putting other people before myself, politeness getting in the way of my well-being, and the feeling that I owe people for just spending time with me.


It’s much easier to hear the hard truths you need to hear when they come from kindness. Steffie always comes from love and kindness and so can show you some of the more difficult things to see in a way that allows you to take it in, accept it and actually be inspired to make real changes. One of the hardest truths to hear was that my relationship was completely toxic and that I had not set myself to be treated the way I deserved to be treated.


Learning what setting boundaries looks like for myself, my energy and my time has been transformational! It has allowed me to release the relationships that weren’t supporting me and improve all the rest of them. By consciously getting clear on what I do and don’t want and what feels good and what doesn’t rather than just being impartial, indecisive or neutral, has allowed me to see where those boundaries need to be set and then start setting them.


I’m incredibly grateful!"

Sam, Hong Kong

Client picture (1).png

"Coaching with Steffie was even more than I hoped it would be. She made me feel at ease, and wasn't surprised with some of the thoughts and worries that I had in my mind! 


I knew my past was linked to how I am now, but talking through this with Steffie made me realise just how much it is controlling me, and my confidence in the present day. 


Steffie helped me to realise I am an able and capable woman and to believe in myself to make those difficult decisions I have been scared of for so long.  


I would whole heartedly recommend using Steffie as a coach to grow more confident from the inside out.

Suz, London UK

"Steffie is an honest, supportive, fearless and admirable mentor with a good sense of self. She is a fantastic listener who takes the time to understand her clients and tailors her guidance to suit their specific needs.

She is very accessible and has supported me in learning and maintaining life skills that have greatly improved my confidence along with supporting me in achieving my life goals.

Goals that felt so distant a year ago are the same ones that are now realistically within arms reach and ticked off by the end of this year. 

I highly recommend her services as she is by far one of the most influential and inspiring people in my life."

Petronila - London, UK